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Studio Apartment Minimalist Interior Design

Picture above is a photograph of the interior of a small studio apartment and a minimalist setting. The extent of 31.59 m2. In the interior there is a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Besides the efficiency of land, a key area to look is because the interior of this apartment unit is made with almost no screen.

Unless the barrier between the bathroom and other rooms, there is absolutely no insulation here. The kitchen area on the right side of this entrance, you could say the mini. Kitchen sets of measures just 80cm x 40cm, only accommodate two burner stove and kitchen sink. Equipped with a storage closet. Across the kitchen set, about 40cm apart, placed the bar.

Serves as a dining table and a table for processing food. On the right of the kitchen, walled shaped like a lattice, there is a bathroom. There is a shower area, toilet, and sink in a room the size of 2m x 1m. Walls and floors are made intentionally different from the walls and floor of another room. The goal is to create a boundary between the bathroom and another room.

This bedroom has no screen. On both sides of a wooden cabinet located. Also placed a large mirror to create the illusion of space, so that it looked more relieved. As a marker that we have entered the bedroom area, built in the area background headboard, with printed wall coverings and painting. This apartment is designed with no family room. Television and audio equipment is placed across the bed.

So the television show designed to be done in bed. Adjusted to the lifestyle of people who choose to live in an apartment. Usually they are people who do not spend too much time at home. At home, they are usually best for a bed to rest.
They could, if you want to make the family room in this apartment. How to switch over to the bed in, so leave more space between the bed and the kitchen. Here can be placed two-seat sofa and TV shelf. To be more concise for the TV shelf cantilever system, or replacing a rack with a shelf.
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