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Charming Freestanding Bathtub

If you are one of those people who prefer beautiful bathtub to functional one then you should take a look on an amazing model by Prodigg. This model stands out by its natural shape and reminds an egg that is why it’s called Egg. Classical pure white colour and the smooth and soft lines make it a contemporary piece of functional decor adaptable to all styles. This bathtub is freestanding and can be decorated by rectangle wooden or acrylic pedestal. This pedestal is covered by special material which looks like natural gravel or sand and adds charming touch to the bathtub. This model could became a heart of you bathroom design if you have enough space to put it. Undoubtedly it has been created for big bathroom and should be placed in centre of the room. In such position it looks the most splendidly. If you like this acrylic bathtub then you could check out more.
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