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The difference between a dull or dramatic kitchen remodel can be found in the smallest details. While most homeowners dream of high-end cabinets and luxury appliances, the kitchen designer’s secret weapon is often the use of creative tile design, as showcased in these kitchen remodeling examples below. Kitchen tile - used in floors or walls - can really make a difference.

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The kitchen has always been the core or heart of the home, where magic begins as families gather, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Looking for the perfect kitchen design to make this special place even more welcoming and memorable may not always be an easy task. When remodeling your kitchen remember that small touches can make a huge difference to your overall design concept.

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One such touch is to add impressive, artistic, beautiful murals and accents that give your kitchen a new look and spirit. These hand made and innovative top quality designs from StoneImpressions ( Company will help you remodel your kitchen

into something more then just a working space.
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The Landscape, Still Life, Old World, Flowers & Plants, Japanese Prints and Wild Life design concepts presented in the above gallery will open up new design vistas for you enabling you to make the right choice for your own unique and personal kitchen remodeling project. Return to our Kitchen Tile Guide.

amazing kitchen design
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