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Lot 18 Modern House Design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Arkitek Axis

Here are new pictures of modern house design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Project by Arkitek Axis, nice execution and some interesting details throughout on the glass details.

modern house design
modern house design photos
modern house design images
modern house design pictures
Information about this modern Lot 18 House by Arkitek Axis :

This house is conceptually a U-shaped plan which interlocked with the central landscape and swimming pool area. This house is consisted of 3 storey plan with living, dining and dry kitchen area interlocking around the central pool area on ground floor level, which articulated by long perimeter of full height large glazing, timber deck terrace and suspended concrete platform, forms a permeable and remarkable views towards out to the external pool landscape area. The dining with sliding doors opens up to the central pool area and form an important axis. The first level is consisted of three bedrooms with family hall at the central to open up to the balcony and overlook down to the landscape pool area whereas the infinity pool with roof top garden is located on the second floor level. The right side of the house forms landscape water feature which is visible from the large glazing of staircase area. The car park space is hidden at the back of the house.
modern house design stair cases

modern house design interiors

modern house design outdoor patio

modern house design glass details

modern house kitchen design

modern house design dining table
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