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Victorian home interior design

You have just purchased a new home, and while showing a loved one the new, albeit empty home, your loved one mentions that it would look lovely if some Victorian interior designs were incorporated. You are a bit confused as to what your loved one meant, so you would like to find out more information about Victorian interior design.

About Victorian Interior Design

In order to understand what Victorian interior design is, you must first have a basic understanding of what the Victorian era was. The Victorian era specifically refers to the years which Queen Victoria ruled England. Her taste was refined and decadent, which is surprising because the era is know for having had high moral standards.

So, when it comes to Victorian interior design, it means having your home resemble the homes of the Victorian era. The first thing that you will notice if you have ever been in an authentic Victorian house is the wallpaper. Victorian wallpaper was thick and decorative, usually in the form of gold flowers.

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