New Interior Design

Beautiful home interior design

Beautiful home interior design

Beautiful, bright and breezy rooms in which to relax and enjoy your favourite hobby or pass time are something we should all try to emulate! All very well if you have a spare room, if not a quiet corner of a living or dining room would be fine!

Those with a basement or attic could also utilise the space as long there is sufficient light and warmth. Major renovations can cost the earth, however with a little ingenuity a small space can be transform into a haven in which to relax and unwind.

To achieve a simple yet stunning look on a budget opt for stripped floor boards. If you are fed up with natural wood looks or if your floor boards are not in very good condition you could always paint them! Paint manufactures have developed paint which is designed to take the tough treatment floors can get or for a cheap alternative simply use an emulsion and repaint it when it begins to look tatty!

Choose a bright colour to inspire your hobby or pass times. Nautical themes are great for bringing a sense of fun and memories of the sea, holidays and sunny days. If your hobby is more sedate or you just want a space to relax with a book opt for neutral or pastel tones to create a sense of serenity.

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