New Interior Design

Home interior design tips

Do you want to change your house? Are you tired of getting up and not only seeing the same faces, but also the same pieces of furniture, the same colors on the walls, the same curtains? We can't advise you to change those faces (that's up to you!), but we can surely recommend a few interior design tips that will make your home unrecognizable. You'll think you've moved! Follow these simple tips for your main rooms and get on the road to a brand new home.

1.Bedroom. Ever heard of relaxing bedrooms? Wouldn't you want yours to be a place where you can actually rest? Then you need a room where energy can flow and where you can relax and think. But how? Lighting is very important. Windows should be wide and open: if there's a garden outside, take advantage of it; everything green is only good for your mental well-being. For your walls, choose light colors, and with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Also, choose furniture that you find comfortable: few will ever get into your room, so it's better to privilege comfort over looks.

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