New Interior Design

Interior Design

Discovering that perfect interior door sometimes doesn’t begin with its design or raw material, but with a decision as simple as whether the door needs to be painted or stained. If the theme of your home and decor call for something a bit more traditional, then consider a wood panel door or French door; both of which come in an endless assortment of wood species to compliment any environment.

If it’s a painted look you’re leaning towards, a broad collection of molded panel, flush, or crown doors are the most commonly preferred for paint application.

The style of your new interior door is next on the list and allows for a wide, open range of designs to match your home or assist that new renovation. The proper style can be the difference between traditional or contemporary, rustic or craftsman, elegant or chic; the perfect door will assist and enhance the look and feel of your home’s decor.

With your desired style in mind, you will next need to select a material to match your individual design, performance, and aesthetic needs. This decision can come from the selection of a wood panel, molded panel, wood flush, wood louver, or wood French door.
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