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Let us pause in our worship and bathroom square footage to calculate the employer's small house or a minimalist joy.
  1. There were fewer places for things to get lost.
  2. You can vacuum more quickly.
  3. Lower heating bills.
  4. There is no room for furniture you can not afford too.
  5. Families spend more time together (because they have no choice).
Here is a picture of a minimalist home community on the web page:

Little House Society is a voice for the Small House Movement. That movement includes movie stars who have proudly downsized into 3000 square meters, happy family of five in the arts and crafts bungalow, multifamily housing in various forms, and more extreme examples, like the people on houseboats and trailers with only a few hundred feet square around them. Relative size, and mainly we promote discussion of the expressway, ecological, economic and psychological excessive housing takes our lives, and what some of us do to live better. This is not a movement about people who pose as "less than thou" but the people make their own choices to live more simple and small but they feel best fits their lives.

I would guess that most people live in small houses do so because of necessity, not choice. However, a small environmental benefits such as greater if they forced you as if you take a vow of poverty.

If Minimalist House Society is successful, the people who are not able to move to a bigger house will probably begin to feel proud of what they do well on this planet. And rich people who think the trade until the 12-room castle with skylight blinds greedy power only may be returned.

No wonder the National Association of Home Builders reported today that the index of builder sentiment fell this month to its lowest level since December.
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